Terms & Conditions

When you visit our website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions as outlined below. If you disagree with the terms and conditions, we have specified conditions, and you cannot use our services. We may also alter or modify these terms, so check this page often.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, And Payroll Services

Through us, you can access different services like bookkeeping, payroll services, tax management, and more accounting services such as the Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software services.

After the service is provided, we'll only be charged for our bookkeeping/accounting and tax/payroll services. If you need to return or reimburse us for products or services, please refer to our website policy on refunds and returns.

Certified Proadvisors

To help our customers with diverse issues and queries, We have certified Proadvisors and consultants who will attend to your needs at any it is and at what time. All of the assistance provided by CAccountingPro is pre-paid, and in the event of a return or refund, we suggest you review our policies at the bottom of our website. However, our experts provide live support to our clients or customers.

Product Availability

The availability of any product we offer on our website will be subject to stock availability. If the item is not in inventory due to its extremely high popularity, we'll notify you of it quickly. But, customers may also return the product and exchange it for an item in stock. However, we cannot be held responsible for any typographical or pictorial error in the product that appears on our website.

Use Restrictions

Any replication or alteration of information or products that are available on our website CAccountingPro. a website without the permission of CAccountingPro. is wholly prohibited. Additionally, we don't declare that the information we provide on our website is legal and appropriate for use in every location.

Right to Change or Modify

We have the absolute right to modify, alter, or remove any products or services without advance notice or notification to clients or members.

Limitation of Liability Disclaimer

In all circumstances and under any conditions, the CAccountingPro.'s total liability will not be limited to the product's purchase price. CAaccountingpro shall never, in any way, offer any liability in connection with the action or claim made in the contract either in tort, indemnity, or any claim that is related to the product sold that is greater than the liability limit. Furthermore, CAaccountingpro cannot be held accountable for any claim by a third party or harm against any customer or Customer, loss of services, failure or delay or loss to the business, or any other damages to the Customer.

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute that arises in any dispute between CAaccountingpro and its Customers, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale or the transaction of Sales, it shall be subject to those laws in the State of Nevada following the lawful rules. Additionally, the particular validity and the interpretation and execution of this Agreement will not be subject to any provisions of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods.

CAaccountingpro and Customers acknowledge sole jurisdiction and the location of Las Vegas to resolve if there is a dispute between them from now on, and the parties waive any right to challenge the exclusive jurisdiction and place of the courts. The Customer is also required to accept that they will not bring any action of a legal nature based upon legal theories of law, including the law of equity, contract, tort, or anything else concerning CAaccountingpro after one year after when the invoice was issued. Relevant invoice.


Members agree to hold and defend QB Data Support's employees and officers, and parents as well as affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, and contractors harmless from all claims or demands, including reasonable attorney costs and charges from any third party arising out of or arising out of use by the Member or use of Services in any violation of the Agreement and any infringement Members or other users of the Services using the Member's computer, of intellectual property or other rights that are related to a person or entity.

Third-Party Sites

CAccountingPro is not responsible for any product, service, product, or information that appears on its site but is solely owned by the websites of third parties. In these instances, members must contact the third-party administrator of the site for any queries or issues related to the products or services provided by the third party.

In addition, any product or service offered by the other party falls under the other party's privacy policies, while CAccountingPro is not responsible for the same. Therefore, CAccountingPro is not responsible or accountable for any above. Therefore, we also advise members and customers to review the privacy policies of the third party before making purchases or using any of their services.


Suppose any party cannot avail of the service provided by the third party under any agreement. In that case, it does not affect the other ability to receive the service at that point. However, in the event of a breach of a term within the Agreement, the waiver made by one party is not accepted or deemed by the third party to rely on the waiver unless the waiver is recorded in writing.


If any of our provisions contained in the contract becomes unlawful or unenforceable in whole or in part legally, this won't impact the other clauses in the contract. Instead, the illegal or invalid clause will be eliminated or modified to achieve the same result, legally acceptable and legal under Nevada law.

Entire Agreement

The terms and conditions, alongside these terms and conditions, together with the CAccountingPro and the Customer, are a complete and substantial arrangement between the Customer and CAccountingPro. They replace all prior or prior proposals, whether oral or written, conditions agreements, understandings, warranties, and any other communications with CAccountingPro and Customer about the particular product. The Agreement is not intended to explain or alter the previous procedure of dealing or trading based on custom or practice.

Copyright and Trademark Information

All content is available on the site is owned by CAccountingPro. CAccountingPro. including tests, texts, videos, graphics, and interfaces, are within the reserve rights and are the sole property of All content available on the site owned by CAccountingPro.

CAccountingPro. including tests, texts, videos, graphics, and interfaces, are within the reserve rights and are the sole property of CAccountingPro. Therefore, any modification or duplication of the web pages or their content without permission from CAccountingPro.'s owner CAccountingPro. is wholly prohibited. Also, the use of any robot spider using a device or manual method to modify or replicate website content without the approval of the QB Data Support's owner is completely prohibited.

Any trademarks that appear on our website are also the property of CAccountingPro. CAccountingPro. or belong to the respective owners. We do not endorse or suggest any of these designs or trademarks. Additionally, the use of these logos, trademarks, or links to Vendor Websites is not intended in any way in any way to be directly or indirectly associated with CAccountingPro. We have not given the license to allow using any trademark, service mark, or trade name for the company CAccountingPro.

Right of Refusal

CAccountingPro. has the sole right to decrease the number of orders or cancel an order at our sole discretion.


Specific State Laws require the collection of the State Sales Tax for all orders delivered to addresses within the specific state. Also, CAccountingPro. software is taxed as relevant to State's Sales Tax Laws.

Payment- Terms And Conditions

The Agreement sets out our policies regarding our use of QuickBooks and the products and services displayed on our website, including references to updates, new releases content, and others. It covers:

All payments for services are made in US dollars, and the amount will be deducted after you have signed up and provided the payment information.

The payment can be made via any of the following:

  • Any valid credit card is taken into consideration by CAccountingPro.
  • A valid Debit Card is acceptable in the CAccountingPro.
  • Any Valid PayPal Account.
  • There should be enough money in the account that allows debit of the amount.
  • Another payment method that is approved through CAccountingPro. is in writing.
  • If you provide inaccurate or incomplete details regarding your payment, you must let us know about the information. If you fail to complete the task within a specified timeframe, we could be required to suspend or terminate your account. Either suspended or closed.
  • If we aren't updated and we are not informed, we will communicate with the card company to allow you to make continuous payment for services. With your permission, we will continue your payments using the updated information.
  • We do not automatically or digitally renew our services unless it is specifically mentioned in our Service or Product Agreement.
  • If there are any other renewal terms or changes, it is possible to look at the site for specific Products or Services.

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