CAccountingPro can be your perfect technology partner. We are willing to help you with all kinds of bookkeeping and accounting activities. We are a team of experts who provide the best services at affordable rates. We make sure that your needs will be fulfilled with the respective solutions. We know that every problem has a different solution, therefore we work according to the problem. We work according to the comfort of our clients, if you ask us to work at your office we are ready to work at your office.

We CA Accounting provides reliable solutions to our clients. Apart from this we also understand the importance of data security. That is why we make sure that clients' data should be protected as well as respected. It is guaranteed that you will feel comfortable and confident while working with us.

Here is a list of information that we need to collect while working on a project

  • Personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, credit card details, shipping, and billing address. This information is important for sales, support, registration, and payment.
  • Information about the client's account and purchase information.

Protecting Information

We work to protect every piece of information from unauthorized use or misuse. We do this by using various safeguards that have been developed carefully by using proper security procedures and practices. We also use external and internal resources to protect the data from third-party substances. We train our employees to safeguard each data of our clients.

Uses of Your Information by us

  • We do not sell any data of your information to a third party or agency for any kind of branding.
  • Personal and financial information is used to provide reliable service.
  • Our sole purpose to use this information is to improve the quality of our services and to develop new features for our clients.
  • We use this information to explain our services to our customers. But it will not leak with them.

Contacting Us

There are any inquiries in regards to this privacy policy (protection strategy) you might get in touch.

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