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QuickBooks Error 404

    How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 404?

    QuickBooks has established itself as one of the most user-friendly accounting software on the internet platform. QuickBooks users have relatively quick access to their company’s accounting information, and it also keeps updating new features for users’ convenience. Still, as QB keeps updating new features, there are more chances of errors occurring in the system. Even minor mistakes from the user’s end can lead to undoable errors. QuickBooks error 404 is one such example. This error occurs when the proxy information retrieved by the software is misinterpreted. The primary cause for this is that the user’s internet access gets forbidden. In the case of QB, the QuickBooks update error 404 is caused by erroneous LAN (Local Area Network) settings, which cause the browser to use the proxy server.

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    In this blog, we will dig a little deeper to gather all the pieces of information needed to fix this error. Keep reading to learn more or dial 1.855.626.0156 for support

    What Causes 404 Update Error In QuickBooks?

    Users normally encounter the error 404 when they try to download or install the latest released updates for the current version of the software in the system, but due to some misinterpretation of proxy details that are accessed by the software, the download remains pending. And so, the user is denied access to connect with the web. Error 404 results in inconvenience in the functioning of QuickBooks Desktop on Windows. In facing this problem, the first thing that users can do is check the User Permission Settings and Firewall Security Settings.

    Here’s What you can do to Get Rid of QuickBooks Desktop Update Error 404

    While downloading or installing new updates that are released for smooth functioning and clearance of obscure bugs and viruses, users come across a message that reads- “Error 404: Access Forbidden or Access Denied’ the first suggested thing is to try to change the proxy server settings in the internet explorer. Even if you don’t have Windows 10 or use Internet Explorer as your web browser, you can utilize this method. QuickBooks Desktop connects to the online services using Internet Explorer in the background. To proceed with this method, users need to take the following steps-

    • Open the Internet Explorer Browser.
    • At the upper right of the browser window, click the Gear Icon. Alternatively, hit the Alt key to bring up the menu bar on your computer, then select the Tools menu.
    • From the menu, choose Internet Options.
    • Select the Connections Tab that appears in the next drop-down menu.
    • Then the LAN (local area network) settings button should be selected.
    • Remove the checkmark from the checkbox. For your LAN, use the proxy server.
    • To close the LAN setting windows, select OK.
    • To close the internet options window, select OK.

    Internet Explorer in Windows 10. In that case, They will have to open it through Microsoft Edge-

    • Click on Microsoft Edge.
    • At the upper right of the browser window, a three dots (…) icon will appear, click on it.
    • Now select the Open with Internet Explorer option and follow the steps mentioned above to change the proxy settings.

    Another similar method for troubleshooting QB updates error 404 is as follows-

    • Click on the Windows Start Menu and select the Control Panel option.
    • Then opt for the settings and double-click the Internet Options.
    • Select the LAN Settings button.
    • Remove the check under the Proxy Server and click Ok.

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    If you are still addressing QuickBooks error 404, you will need to repair the installation of QuickBooks Desktop. For that, you can utilize Quick Fix My Program from the QuickBooks Tools Hub. If you are still unable to resolve the error even after trying all above motioned solutions, we would strongly recommend reaching out to the support team at 1.855.626.0156 for efficient assistance.

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